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Your goal as the Gummy Spectre is to possess Gummy Guys and use their bodies to kill other gummies. You can only kill Gummies Guys that are the same color as you. Other colored gummies will not be killed by you and will kill you! SURVIVE AS LONG AS POSSIBLE

Team Name : Jam Hand

Discord Names : AustinT#3316, C-Hazard#5784 and Fez#3684


1) Fixed enemies sometimes continuing to attack after death

2) Mouse cursor is now hidden by default

3) Improved player responsiveness (player movement increased while attacking)


1) Fixed mouse cursor not showing up when you die

Published Feb 12, 2017
StatusIn development
AuthorJam Hand

Install instructions

1 Download

2 Extract zip file

3 Run Executable


Gummy Gorefest.zip 20 MB

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